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I recently got back in touch with an old friend of mine from school. We studied together as kids. We speak over the phone and text each other. She had a bad marriage and jus got divorced. She was cheated and abused by her ex-husband. She considers me as a good close friend and now has romantic feelings towards me. I don't like her that way at all. She is a small town girl and very naive. I was being extra nice to her because she was going through her divorce and supporting her. Now she is in my city and wants to meet me and spend time with me. I'm acting weird with her and avoiding her. Ignoring her calls and texts. I don't have any friends.

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  • if you say "I don't have any friends." , some part of you know that this human contact is good for you... "She is a small town girl and very naive" ... so she's not ugly ?! Dude , and you even dont mention a girlfriend ... with the fuck you act like that? at least do it for her : be her rebound guy ... and maybe something good will happen in between that you never expected !

  • small town girls are good in bed, think about it.

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