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I think I'm being radicalised. I wouldn't hurt anyone, ever. The state of the world socially is making me very angry, and I am sick of being guilt tripped for slavery because I'm white and rape because I am a man. I have committed no crimes. Modern woke society tells me I am at fault for these things. I can't help imagining the world a different way, I never used to think this way. I used to agree with the woke shit, the world changed. Yet I'm still the problem. I am have reaped none of the male or white privilege I am apparently supposed to get. I am afraid to walk alone at night, I've been sexually harassed at work. My country has diversity hiring policies that have cost dear friends of mine deserving and qualified for their positions jobs they were passionate about because a woman or person of colour applied for the same job. I have a nazi friend and the more time goes on the more I can't argue with his points. I am one of many many young men who feel this way. I am a peaceful man. Not all are like me. the more you push people underground and call them bad for their very nature, the angrier they will become and they will defend their nature. Ironic isn't it. Thought the whole point was don't judge a book by the cover.

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  • Jewish Question, whites serve the Jewish community Don't you like it when 38 Billion dollars of your tax money goes to the Jewish community and all because you are same race as Hitler

  • you're not alone with these exact same feelings. I wish I knew what to say otherwise.

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