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My sis-in-law and her daughter, who is still hairless there, are into taking the big Rotty Knotty. Both agree it is much better than a guy because of the dogs great size and stamina. Her daughter said he is so much better than her dad, and any b/fs she has taken inside her hairless wonder. She told me sitting across the kitchen table that my youngest enjoyed her Rotty's Knotty also, but it hurt her the first time becsuse she was not used to the visciousness of the coupling and his huge size. But niece said my daughter had a huge 0rgasm on his big male part girl tamer. She said the big dog walks by them and they do not wear panies out at the farm so he can mount them and make a deposit when he is ready. Now I understand why my youngest wants to stay out there all the time? All young girls should experience this by the weekend.

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  • Oh, the humanity. Degenerate.

  • Also literally no one says fucking 'girl hole' you absolute bastard, are you scared of the word vagina???

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