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Two years ago I went through a really bad depression that lasted for 4 months and it was too hard for me to get over it but I did, and now im going through an even worse depression and I really hope to get better soon because it has been 2 months since it started and im doing my best to be happy again :/

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  • ;) i couldn't have said it better.. but if they think less of you, because you are in dpression, then they are no freinds... and if it is your family, well that sucks i know that, but you have to make them see, that the things you are going throug are causing you pain and suffer

  • Whatever was the cause of this new depression, you need to confront it head on. If its a person go tell them. It'll help get you through it. You can't force happiness. Find a friend who can make you smile and talk to them. Don't be ashamed to open up to someone, they won't think less of you.

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