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I kinda just wanna suck my teachers off so i dont have to do school work but all my teachers are old farts so now i gotta be smart the world is so unfair why did god give me no gag reflex if he didn't want me to use my talent. all the dick I get of my dildo it aint even that its a fucking ice cream scooper cause I'm 15 and live with my mom and 3 siblings and cant order a real dildo and I cant ask my friends if i can order it to their house cause that would be weird. im a horny virgin what should i do

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  • why all this sex stories turning me on? 🥴

  • Girl your missing out when i was 13 i had this teacher he was so mean giving me me bad grades so i asked him what gives. he told me he doesn't like how i dressed. i always wear skirts and a tank top. i didn't see anything wrong i guess i get him hard during class cause he is looking up my skirt and sometimes i don't wear underwear still don't. he wanted to have sex with me. he's was 40 i let him his Dick was so huge. An i know i don't have a gag reflex

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