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now, as we all know face masks relatively controversial at the moment. but I'd like to bring out some numbers. I can't speak for all places but I know in my area as soon as masks were introduced, a lot of people took them as a guarantee and like it would protect them from anything and everything and they wouldn't need to distance. so let's look into this a little on whether they should mandatory. I tried finding actual percentages but they don't seem to exist. so let's go on the higher end, say masks are 95% effective (which I highly doubt, especially when they say it's not a replacement for social distancing. but for this purpose let's keep it) so 95% effective, but you go into a Costco with 500 people, with not a lot of social distancing, that means you would be in contact with 25 people that the mask wouldn't protect you from. now, let's look at, let's say a restaurant, where there's 10 staff, maybe 15 other tables besides your own, but this restaurant allows no masks. the only people you'd really be in close contact with, would be your waiter and maybe the hostess. the rest of the people in the restaurant would be nowhere near you to be able to spread the virus. so although no masks were worn, you only had contact with 2, maybe 3-4 people if you went to the bathroom and there were people there already. you can say "oh well you're comparing a huge grocery store to a small restaurant, that's not a good comparison" and in a way you would be right. comparing 500 people to 25, is a huge jump. but there's a reason I did it that way. I don't go to places with 500 people in them, other than concerts, I never did it even before covid. if a grocery store was packed, I went another day, I tried picking off times. if you're so afraid of a virus, then why are you cramming yourself in with 500 people, mask or not, it's not a safe measure. I also used these comparisons because the government seems to be treating it as though it's the same thing. my comparison may seem way off, may seem like apples and oranges, that's exactly the point. why is the government mandating that masks be worn, even in areas where it really doesn't make sense, where the social distancing is enough?

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  • are people really still going on about mask/ no mask? I was under the impression that we agreed as a whole planet that one single thing wasn't going to work. Didn't the whole world agree the it was going to be I wear a mask to keep my mouth piss off you, you wear one to keep your mouth piss off me, we get a couple shots and observe basic hygiene, and we stay the hell away from strangers.

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