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unpopular opinion: stop bring up homeless people or ppl who cant afford food when telling a child why they shouldn't waste their food they are too young to even understand that. they are kids sometimes your body just doesn't want something and that shouldn't be a problem (not just children people in general) is so irritating to hear people say that if someone doesn't want something dont guilt trip them into eating, it everyone has their own life to live ... plzz don't let this go over your head

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  • it sucks that this is an unpopular opinion. plenty of people i know get that this can lead to really fucked up relationships to food later in life. it seems to be most common in people who went through the great depression and passed that mentality on to their children. other people just get pissed at kids for not somehow magically understanding the limitations of their bodies vs the pleasure of making a giant pile of mashed potatoes on a plate. portions and moderation are learned, just like everything else. when I see parents demanding their kids clear their loaded plates it makes me think of that scene in Matilda with the chocolate cake. they're Trunchbulling they're own damn kids.

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