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I've been in a relationship for almost 4 years on and off, we have had some toxic tendencies but have always made it through. most of the time he is great other times he treats me terribly... he doesn't really put the spark in me like he use to ya know? it's like he has givin up on us but at the same time he trys desperately, and I do the same. I try so hard to make him happy and to be his peace but he makes me feel as If I'm not enough. even though I saved this man from his own demise but I do love him and i have made promises to him that I feel like I could never brake... but here is my problem. I've fallen inlove with my one of my coworkers.... everyday he will put a million smiles on my face makes me laugh and he turns my bad days into the best days... he has no idea about how I feel and he never will. atleast not while I'm in a relationship. i feel so torn.. I love the man im with dearly. but this other man makes me feel like.. me again. if that makes since? as I'm sure you know relationships are so complex, to complex to put into words. but idk all I think about is my coworker, and what him and I could be. with out me saying a word to my mother about any of this; she came up to me saying that him and I are inlove, we just don't know it yet, she claims him and I can read eachothers minds, we help eachother get through the days and much more but that sums it up basically. I've wanted to tell someone how I feel for so long so I found this app. so If u read this, thanks for your time. I hope ur not stuck in a similar situation have a good happy day ❤

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  • shut the fuck up bimbo , yeah right this sounds so plastic , you got this stuff from a book. wishful thinking

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