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A few years ago, I took an evening walk to a small wooded area next to a lake late at night. As soon as I made it to the entrance, I stripped off and hidden all my clothes, including my shoes and socks, and started to walk into the woods, completely naked and horny. I walked through the area to the lakeside along the sandy lakeshore, down to the fence of a nearby house. Then I climbed up a small hill, up to the top, overlooking the lake on one side, and a nearby road on the other. It was a wonderful view from on the hilltop naked. I then jerked myself off and came on the hilltop. After a few minutes on the hilltop, I made it back down to where I hid my clothes, for dressed and left for home.

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  • the lengths dudes go to for boners is 🤯

  • just fucking hilarious and gross

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