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is it really that bad to be "fat". every chance of finding love or a partner is turned down only because of a few extra pounds.. other than being fat shamed by your own family and friends... it's not like I'm not trying to lose weight, because I am trying really hard, but recently I'm getting very sick and tired of everything, not just my weight, but everything.. I feel like I will never find love or happiness in my life nothing seems to be working out I just need to know that it will be fine, that everything will be fine 😭

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  • It really depends on what you mean by fat. Some shapes just aren't possible. Women on my dad's side of the family tend to be very heavyset and thick, even when we're completely healthy. We've got shoulders like linebackers and ribcages like beer kegs. Clothes almost never fit right, I'm too skinny for plus size but too heavily built and muscled for normal sizes. My biceps stretch the sleeves on my tshirts. But some people still call me fat. It's bothered me for my whole life, but you know what? I'm 25 years old and I don't care anymore. I know the truth. I'm not fat, my body is just shaped differently. And even if I was fat, who cares??? Plenty of people are attracted to fat girls! As long as you're trying to be healthy and you love yourself, it doesn't matter how other people think you look. Live your truth, sister. Be who you want to be.

  • Just eat healthier for you, not for anyone. Do it because you'll feel better, with more energy. Regardless, love yourself, you're beautiful and worthy of the best of the best. See the clouds, breath deeply and smile

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