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People used to try and make me feel absolutely horrible for taking my son from his abusive father. When I say abusive and the worst human being I've ever met in my entire life along with his family, if anyone knew what I knew, they'd wish raining bullets on these people. It's been almost 6 years now. Last year my ex oldest brother was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parol for raping a female relative when she was barely 16, and also has a mental disorder. This all under their roof (there's like 5-6 adults and strangers all living off the government somehow and doing drugs. They move strangers in all the time and get more victims). A few days ago, I saw his second brother has been arrested for something very similar. Under their same roof. These people are sick. Maybe this small town might wakeup and stop calling me a bitter baby momma, when their true colors are starting to become public. They're a pack of predators. I don't feel guilty for shit.

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  • thank you for getting your son out. I've been that kid and I am forever grateful to my mother for taking all that bullshit to get me away. she had to - and decades later still has to - hear a lot of uninformed opinions. just know this is going to make such an amazing difference in your kids life. I'm glad he, and you, are out!

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