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I get really agitated at this point in trying to do nice things for my son. He's 6, but has the most ugliest, ungrateful attitude towards everything, and he always has. Doesn't even pretend to like something or be happy. And has really rude expectations from those around him. Looking back, I honestly don't get where he gets this from. His grandpa can spoil him a tad bit is all, like with tiny cheap toys or candy. So ik that's not the root. For example I surprised him with a large, very nice rug of the planets on it (it cost $100 but I'm not gonna guilt or explain to a child that concept). I really thought he'd like it tbh, or at least act interested. But he frowned, ignored me and just stomped out. I try really hard to make him happy and give him things my parents wouldn't have even tried to give thought into doing. They didn't even let me have posters on the walls, it was void of joy or colors. But his room is wonderful, I let him have all kinds of wall stickers of his choosing with much much more. But he never cares. It makes me wanna give up.

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  • You sound like a nice parent. One thing I read about child psychology, is to give them what they actually want. So the kid won't grow up liking someone else's things or be entitled. Kids mostly dont understand the difference of 100$ and $5 rugs/toys, value of things or money can be taught too

  • sounds like the boy needs some discipline. a stern talking to and a reminder of the consequences of such disgusting behaviour.

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