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The girl I lost my virginity to turned out to be a slut...I had no idea she was I've known her since we were 7 and now were 19. I truly did love her but all she did was lie about the stupidest things and she ended dating this shitty guy who abused her mentally and physically and all I wanted to do was save her but she got pregnant and her bf said if she didn't have an abortion he would leave her but she refused and then we started talking again and she said she's gonna have him sign over his rights so I was gonna take care of her baby but I had to go to boot camp for the marines and we wrote each other all throughout and when i came back her baby was born but I had to go to California for more training and when I came back for Christmas she would bo longer talk to me and it turns out she's living with him and his parents even tho she "says" their not together I know they are because she's so distant again and she ignores me even at church and I can see the hurt and pain in her eyes everytime we see each other and all I wanna do is hug her and let her know I'm there......sorry it was a lot to read but I definitely feel better now😁😁

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  • LOL! You were a one night stand. YOU are the slut

  • *They're

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