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My "friends" drive me crazy. I know it sounds weird, but the more I see them, the less I like them. We don't have the same interests, I do everything for them, but they often call me egoistic or criticize me. If I could I would break off all contacts, but then I would be alone and more lonely than I am now and I don't think I could live the next years like this.

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  • I was in a simular situation some time ago. My advice is slowly start looking for new friends arround you ( class mates coworkers ect.) When you found a nice group ( or maybe even 1 of 2 people) you enjoy being arround start ditching your old friends more and more it oesn't have to be in a hatefull way but distance yourself from them after a month or so you will feel much much happier. Hope this helpes good luck.

  • I have the same exact problem. The only reason I keep them around is because I would have no one to talk to otherwise. But I just don't have anything in common with them and they make me feel dumb most of the time and it's stressful. I usually advise people to communicate and let others know how you feel but if it's a group of friends I just don't know how to proceed. But how about making new friends on the side and then slowly leaving your old friends behind? It's kind of a bitchy move but it's better than being unhappy

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