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I'm a 26 yo male virgin, I don't want to wait for the "right girl" to lose my virginity. In fact I had several Opportunities to go home with girls and have sex with them. I always turn them down, because I'm scared about my inexpirience and think, that I'm not able to satisfiy their needs.

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  • Ur taking shit too seriously. Just go bang. Every girl has had a bad lay and you won't necessarily be bad. I would suggest fucking someone u like tho. Less likely for them to care about technique and getting off.

  • Really? My first time I couldn't stop banging the girl, although I was a horny kid. Still I've never had a problem cumming and continuing to bang the shit out of said girl. Honestly are you going to cum once and call it a day? If your answer is no try your best and if she says something just be like you were my first sorry I didn't tell you. If she doesn't say shit and still wants to see you after either you did good or she just likes you.

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