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I think it`s quite upsetting being a gamer when the boys don`t care and i see these memes about gamers who wants a gamer girl. And I do think I am good looking, both body and face. And I love gaming naked, even .__. I`ve tried hitting on gamer guys but get rejected all the time. It`s depressing.

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  • Uughh now being a gamer nerd is the trend and girls slutting all over that. That ised to be my special thing i did since i was a kid and never thought of it as a way to attract boys. I even dont say that im a girl at online games. Just please girls stop whoring up all over everything

  • Despite what the internet tells you girls don't get a magical pass to boys because we play video games, too. Girls get friendzoned just as much as guys, it sucks, but be patient, you'll find someone.

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