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my boyfriend's mother is a self proclaimed christian. i however, as much as i care about her, is one of the biggest hypocrits. she'll say that abortion is murder, but if her son gets me pregnant, then abortion should be our top option. she doesn't support gays, but if her lesbian daughters wanted to have a wedding, she'll provide for everything. she says sex before marriage is a sin but she got pregnant with her first born without getting married first. i'm dreading the day she finds out that i'm religiously confused...what should i do?

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  • Bitch be crazy. Dump your BF and find one without the insane family attached. Orphans make the best spouses.

  • Don't say shit. Its none of her business. Neither yours to know her life like that. You pointing the finger on being a hypocrite puts you in a much worse place than hers. Enjoy your man and f the rest. If y'all get married deal with her when y'all visit and don't worry about discussing religion. :)

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