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The best day of my life was at a soccer game when i was 11, we were playing at a indoors tournament and we were supports to play 3 games and we lost 2/3 & i was really sad because i knew my dad was watching & he was commenting on the games. Well the game announcer what ever it's called.. we were to play the last game and the opponent team was really good they were rank 1 in the league very good and had won 2/3 with 10 - 0 & 7 - 1. It was the last minute & i had a free kick. I was so nervous and my dad was talking into the microfon saying stuff like it's the last chance can he do it. I scored and he screamed into the microfon: "That's my kid!" Im 18 now & thats still the best memory of him i'll ever have. He died 2 years ago!

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  • So sweet, tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. Treasure that moment and share it, it's so sweet :)

  • Thank you for all the sweet comments, i've never been able to tell anyone this story. Always made me cry when i started it. So the fact that so many are being so kind means alot to me!

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