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I don't seem fair to get bad grades if the only thing that i do is studying, maybe i don't do it in the right way but i don't know other way, if you know any way that work out for you i'lk be really thankfull

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  • Have you ever tried NOT to study? I never studied in school/college and still got pretty high scores. if the scale were 100%, i always got at least 90%. I always did the homework whether i knew how or not and always, ALWAYS, paid attention in classes/lectures. If i did study for exam, i almost failed it every time. Some people learn when they read, some when they write( my sis had to copy books by hand to learn the subject :/ ) and some learn by ear, like i did. Also i have 'photo-memory'. So i remembered WHERE on the page the answer laid, but couldn't remember what it said! That memory is a great in mathematical subjects(match, chemistry, physics). Key thing is now you to discover what type of memory YOU have and use that. If you remember things from smells/tastes, chew certain gum while reading/listening or lit a scented candle and take that same smell to the exams with you. I really hope my story will help you to discover the perfect method for you and who ever reads this.

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