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it's been almost a year when C. cheated on my after 3 years. He still is the love of my life ! But he has a new girlfriend also now for almost a year, and it still hurts really bad everyday. i have been to a shrink for months which costed my parents a lot of money and that is the reason they're having money troubles ! and in the end i still.. i really don't know what else i can do to forget C. and i feel terrible and guilty for putting my parents into money troubles ;/ while i still cry almost everyday !

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  • Been there. Start working out, you will forget him in a month and you will believe you deserve better.

  • Been there. Done that. My best advice for you is: Get a friend. A really good friend that will be always at your side: good or bad times. Hang ou w/ him/her and do nice things that make you feel happy regardless of any past. You will slowly start to get better.

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