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I think if you really want an apocalypse to happened you should pick up a history book and realize what life is like with out modern conveniences. Plus I think you'll be a whiny bit*h if the world did end.

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  • I posted a confession yesterday, I don't know if it's about my confession of wanting an apocalypse that you wrote yours, but in any case, I'm a student in history, I know what it was back then from the first man to this day, I know in middle age nothing was that pretty and romantic, people's shit was in the street... Literally. I know what it was back in ancient world. I still want it to happen. Plus, I know how to build a shower without electricity, I know how to make hot shower without electricity, I know plenty of stuff that would help me, AND I won't be a whinny bitch if it happens, I have seen the age of 4 a bow and arrow, I know how to shoot with one, I've got one and I know how to build one, I know which plants are useful for medicine and which one are poison. Seen the age of 10 I had martial art class with my father, so I basically know how to defend myself. I know how to purified water without any kind of technology and how to build a fire. I've been camping and hiking since I was a baby with my family. And with my brother I've spent 16 days in the Chic-Choc without electricity living of the lands (chic-choc are a mountain chains in Gaspesie, Canada). I'm 20 and a girl. One of my brother got into a bad situation once, and I've been in the middle of it, wrong time wrong place you'd say, I know that I would act NOT freeze, it's in me. So for the "you don't know how you would react in a real life situation because you've never faced one before" crap, well yes I know, I have ADHD, which basically means that I don't think before reacting and I always need to move, once I was in the park with my friends past 11pm (curfew for parks in Canada) 3 guys thought it'll be fun to wear mask and fake butcher knife in the night to scare people. We were in their path... I heard one of my friend scream and all of a sudden all of the others ran the opposite way. I hid beside the blue toilet and punch one of the guy in the stomach, he dropped his knife and I picked it up to protect myself and my friend who was crying with the other guys, that's when I realized their were just pranking us and the other two guys were trying to talk to my friend that they scared. So sorry, your argument is invalid ! Have a good day sir.

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