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I have been told I am beautiful but I don't believe it. I have an odd shaped body, A large butt normal sized breast and, to me, an ugly face. I want to be able to meet a great guy who would love my great personality.

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  • Smiling faces, unless of course creepy(imagine serial killer) or with such horrible teeth that you must be soaking them in amonia appear attractive rive the majority of the time

  • "Large Butt", "Normal sized Breasts", "Ugly Face"... it is maybe what you are thinking, but beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, i've met a girl about 8 years ago, she was beautyfull in my eyes, and she had a great personality, i told her, that in my eyes, she was one of the most beautyfull girls i've ever seen, green eyes, were you could loose yourself, the face of an angel and a smile that would let your heart explode, if it would hit you off-guard, and yes she was ab bit "chubby" but she was gorgeous, but in her own eyes she was a strandet whale, because the "popular" kids told her, that she was ugly and nasty, and that's stuck to her mind and it was devastating, what it has done to her... i know, that people. espacially girls, aren't always happy how they look, i'm 24year old guy, i'm overweight, and i hate myself, but i get compliments too, just be happy if someone tells you that you are a beauty, a great personalyti is a gift nowadays, but if it comes wrapped in beauty, kindness and topped with a beautyfull mind, then just be happy with yourself because, it is a gift ;) so long beauty ;)

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