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When I told my best friend I smoked weed, she asked why I do volunteer work and how do I feel about people because pot heads arent capable of caring. I talked her out of suicide the week before, was the only one who stood beside here when she got herpes, supported her when she was jobless, I am always there for her to talk to, I do volunteer work several times a month, I like to do good to others, and I would sacrifice anything and everything for someone I love. I have my flaws, but in general I think I'm a good person. At least I try to be. Her saying that I couldn't possibly care for others was the most hurtful thing anyone could possibly say to me. I'm ashamed to say it but I am angry, almost to the point of hating her.

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  • Seriously? You got your feelings hurt by an unemployed skank with crotch-rot? You got some thin skin buddy!

  • I think you should talk about this with her, that it made it offended you and made you angry, or just letting go and carry on but if she says something like that again, i think you should just leave her

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