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My parents and friends are expecting me to finish my master in management in one year, but I failed so many class it will take me at least two years to graduate. I chose this major because it was general and not a real choice in itself for my future. But I hate it and don't want to have anything to do with all the careers it leads to. I cannot write a single paper anymore. I've never been as bored as during my internships, and my only good professional experiences were as a seller in a health shop and as an employee in a warehouse. I'm just not cut out for the executive life. I don't wanna have to write a single word in a professional context, wheather it be on a piece of paper or a computer. I love cars and my dream is to become a mechanic and one day own a garage (yes I know there will be paperwork then, but it's different, it'll be MINE). But at the same time my parents are quite wealthy, and I'm scared of disappointing them and of using the money they gave to me (and will give me in the future) to keep a lifestyle I could not afford without it. It is a mix of shame and guilt. I am not really looking for advice or at least not a definite solution. I know I have to become the person I want to be (and ought to be), and I'm pretty sure i'm gonna quit my studies. But I had to let it out of my chest. I love you all.

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  • You should talk to your parents. Maybe they will support your dream. Maybe if you knew that they will support you to build your own business after you graduated, you could find new interest in your studies. Your degree could benefit you greatly when starting your own business. Also there are usually some courses related to entrepreneurship. Give it a try. Sometimes all you need is a goal to work towards to give you knew motivation.

  • I get you so much. I have the feeling I am waisting my time with what I am studying now and money from my mother. But be happy, at least you know what you want to do! :) I have no idea what I should do with my life.

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