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My father passed away a few years back, my mom quit her job, because she wanted to take care of me, and my Aunt offered to pay for my tuition ever since. My mom would always complain about our life and would depend on the lottery, and I get so irritated because I'm someone who believes that if you want something you have to work for it, but she doesn't even try to get a job and true that she would spend a lot of money on me, but if she wants to save more she should just give up her drinking and smoking. When I would suggest her to get a job, she would become defensive and tell me that she works hard around the house and makes a great amount of effort to pick me up & bring me to school and she wants to be close to me. I really do believe that if she did work she wouldn't have to complain about anything. She could have gotten a maid or driver. I resent her at times and I think our relationship is crumbling and we're becoming strangers, I bet our relationship would have been better if she had a job. She would make it seem like it's my fault that she had to quit her job too. My Aunt on the other hand keeps working hard to pay for my education, sometimes she would even pay for my vacation, she would give me expensive gifts, she even compromised her love life for me, I seem to love my aunt more now not because of what money can buy, but because she's trying to make an effort. I wish my mom would try even just a bit. I think she wasted her college diploma.

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  • I'm the total opposite. my parents got separated when i was around 1-2 years old so my mother had to raise me alone. all she did was to work, work and work. she didn't have time for me. although she buys me gadgets / consoles (which i find unnecessary) i still wasn't happy, all i ever wanted was to be with her. everyday i'm alone at our house, i had no siblings, it was very lonely. i'm 17 now and the loneliness only grew larger. she had to work abroad, now i live alone. all i can say is, cherish what you have. (there might be grammatical errors since english isn't my native language, sorry for that)

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