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i hate myself, i think that all people i know would be better off if they have never met me. i haven't brought anything positive or significant to their lifes. sometimes i just wish going to sleep and die before waking the next day

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  • What about you? I know making a difference in the world or feeling cherished by someone makes people feel good. But at the end of the day you choose to not be someone making a change. If you always depend on the other peoples feedback you will never be happy and will always feel lonely and worthless. Nobody cherishes one another anymore. So what will you do? Lay there and keep hoping to die? How about you chose to be something that does make a change? Non profits need volunteers! Homeless need help. Abandoned kitties and puppies need rescuers! Starving children need donations. Instead of spending all day thinking how you don't do anything for anybody, do something like volunteer work to feel cherished and feel 100% sure you're existence makes a valued difference! Pick something you like and contact your local non profits to volunteer!!!!

  • You have brought something to them by simply existing. Do you always know what causes a ripple in the water? Do you always know what casts a shadow upon to in the day? No. What you accomplish in life is what you perceive, be it shadow or wave. We all progressively tread on, dreading our existence. The question is, are you strong enough to lie to yourself, or willing to take that leap of faith into nonexistence? There is much to be forgotten in death, evermore so to be known in life.

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