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My bf is a very romantic guy. He always says things like "if o could, i would pick the stars for you" or when i sleeping he watches me... I find this things funny and ridiculus. I beğendim him to stop but he is not. My mum thinks he is a serial killer:))

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  • Unless he's italian or spanish take the romance with a grain of salt and try to see what he's really after. Perhaps acceptance like someone mentioned or maybe he's obsessing. Nobody can have a constant 24/7 romance vibe.

  • He sounds a little desperate to please you or creepy which is probably what your mom is picking up on. Right now it sounds like he really wants your acceptance and things might take a turn if you don't constantly give him reassurance and all the love he needs. I would encourage you to at least look at http://www.newhopeforwomen.org/red-flags-for-domestic-abuse these signs and to rethink your relationship if he has any of these especially if your mom is worried. Crazy guys never start out crazy..

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