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My best friend used to be sooo nice. She was really cute and extremely shy. She didn't smoke, she was like an angel. She was EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL. She was too shy to have a boyfriend. I left her because I simply didn't get along with her anymore and because she got all the attention for her prettiness. Now, she made best friend with a slut in my class. She changed SOOOO MUCH. She had over 60 boyfriends now, she smoked, she kisses random boys and has friends with benefits. She lets people touch her ass and so on. I'm really sorry for her and I wish she could see what a slut she is now. I hate her.

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  • So a little girl grew-up to have a healthy interest in boys and enjoys flirting! Oh no! You better call her a slut! You sound like a fucking pedophile ("boohoo! She isn't nine anymore!")

  • Move on. Getting hung up on one person is never worthit. Plenty more idiots out there but also plenty more good people too. Pick better and communicate more.

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