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My boyfriend told me that he feels lust for his "lesbian" friend and she lust him too. they say its only lust and there are no romantic feelings,They wont do anything because he is in a relationship, but i don't like it and want to tell him that he shouldn't talk to her, but i don't want to be that kind of girlfriend but i don't know what to do!

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  • If she's feeling ANY kind of lust for him, she's no lesbian. MIGHT be bi, but saying she's a lesbian is bullshit.

  • It would be kinda stupid to start doing stuff with this chick after he's already said he won't do anything with her. Unless he has played around in the past. It's my experience that if you worry about competition and voice it all the time the more likely you are to look immature, untrusting, and insecure. If you do that she will pounce. Just keep an eye out and if he fucks up or there are a bunch of things not adding up leave him but don't make yourself look like a complete drama queen.

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