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This is not a confession totally but also advice im in 6th grade at a private school and for the first two years of school ever i went to a public school but my grandma needed to go to church cause the worst problems in my life so in order to help her out i went to 1st grade there instead of public it was nice so i stayed a few more years and now im in 6th grade with this girl i really love named faith and she might see this and i think she is beautiful and i was goin to ask her out but today my dad told me i must return to public school now that my grandparent died but i dont want to leave but I have to and I have so much at that school it's just so hard so the advice is to not go with what other people want but what you think is better in the long run.

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  • You're still young. There are plenty of ways to stay in touch plus child it'd be best if you learned these things now so when you're older you'll be better able to understand how to handle the situation at hand.

  • Punctuation helps

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