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after working his ass for 20 years my dad finally purchased a 1977 Rolls Royce sliver shadow foe $30k, this is the first time he had actually did something nice for himself as he spent all his life caring for other and helping the people he loved, even though the car is cheap maintaining it is super expensive, but it has been his dream to own that car for a very long time and we were all happy for him, 7 months ago some fucker keyed my dads car all over the left side, tires slashed at the parking lot and it cost him $3000 to get it fixed and repainted and my dad was upset about all this for a while , i was so angry that i got the hold of security cameras in the neighboring business and found out who did it, and for the past 6 months i have been slashing the tires of his honda every single week and last night i smashed his back windows and covered his entire car in dog poop. And now i am in peace. people need top messing with others property a lot of them work real hard to get what they have.

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  • Like pouring gasoline over a flame....I like it

  • You did good bro

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