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All of my friends are getting together between them and I don't know if I'm the only one that's still alone because of my personality or the way I talk or what I like or because how I look (I'm not that bad, I'm just really tall)...I would seriously thank someone that could tell me what's wrong from a guy's perspective and I don't know how to ask someone for that

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  • Here's a trick to get most guys (I'm a guy and was honostly dumbstruck when I realized how simple it is if you know the game) Step 1: do something impressive, sports art singing scholastic if he's impressed you got the hook. Step 2: get his help in something. Guys in general like feeling needed. Step 3: profit????? All joking aside it's a great way to get guys attracted to you

  • maybe you're too shy to date a guy or something, even if people think you're beautiful, if you do nothing, nothing will happens :S

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