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This is my first time confessing publicly so here goes... I'm your sort of avarage 19 year old guy. All of my close buddies think that i'm one of the kinkiest and sickest guy they know but the truth is i'm a virgin and I plan on staying one till the day i'm married and i never had a real girlfriend. I go to bed almost every night feeling sad and lonely because the one thing i want most is, to be able to hold a SO tightly in my arms while i fall asleep. I picture moments like those in my head almost every night before i sleep and i know it's the cause of me being sad and all but i just can't stop :/ All i want is, to be in love and spend time with the person i love, to love her, to appreciate her, and to treat her like no other guy would. I'm still looking though but it's hard to find someone else who wants the same thing in this age :/

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  • How can I never met anyone like you :(

  • I would totally date you

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