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I have always loved this one girl; I met her summer of 2012, and during the week I was with her I got to know her very personally; we talked about things I'd never told anybody before. Finally by the time Friday rolled around I had written her a series of little cute notes, and even drew her a picture. Well now it's April of 2014, and I've been dating her for a while; well last week she was cleaning her room and found the notes, and she told me she loved me; which I'm happy, and greatly privileged to have her say it to me. But I feel like what I believe to be love is no longer there for her. We used to do normal couple things, but now she seems hesitant, and even resistant, to kiss me, or even have conversations, she spends most of her time on her phone texting even after she said "I'm not really a texter, I hate that form of communication". I mean, I'm not grotesque or anything, I exorcize proper hygiene and am in pretty good shape for my size, on top of being a great listener and the ability to hold a conversation. I have no clue what's wrong, I guess I'm just bad with relationships, and I'm worried.

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  • Maybe it's not you.. The most important is that you talk to your girlfriend. Don't waste your time thinking bad things about yourself

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