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I fear i have mental problems since i feel little or no remorse towards people and i have sadistic streaks i can barely control, often acting upon thoughts i shouldn't and sometimes going out of my way to do them. it all started soon after my grandfather passed away and i flipped my lid at one of my closest friends (who had gone behind my back telling people things i told her in confidence), i felt such a rush and i haunted her for months trying to break her emotionally often using withheld numbers and fake online accounts eventually i broke her and i felt satisfied that she knew my pain. Now i go through periods of being fixated with plots on how to hurt people i know...it doesn't help that i'm highly trusted in my circle of friends since nobody suspects what i can do so i know many things about people that could be used to crush them within weeks. luckily though i normally don't get a chance to act on this but i sometimes have small outbursts that i have so far managed to cover.

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  • i think you need therapy. no, really. if a significant event in your life like a death of a loved one leads to a personality change (or a physical one like twitching or insomnia) then therapy is reccomended.

  • Get help. This is not healthy and you need to find a way to deal with it.

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