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I'm friends with a girl who is very f*ck-the-system, I-like-piercing-my-face-at-home, give-myself-tatoos, I'm-not-trying, look-at-this-snuff-film-i-found, and it's distorting her life. i want to say something, or help her, but she might reject me entirely and i would really hate that, as i find her to be one of the most honest, funny people i know.

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  • I know several people like that. They're all chronically unemployed and most still live with their parents. You'd come out ahead if she rejected you.

  • Don't be afraid to be rejected from her. If she's honest with you the best thing for you to do is be honest with her. She'll appericate your honest and concern for her. If she rejects you because your honest with her, then that just shows that she's not mature to see that you can't shield yourself from the real world. If she shows that sign of rejection its herself shielding her and trying to keep herself in a false world. Be her friend and just tell her how you feel and let her see that. Maybe you can be the friend she has to correct her life because maybe she's lost and need someone to help push her in the right direction with her life.

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