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my (probably now ex) girflriend has been bullying me for over a year. calls me ugly, starts fights over nothing and makes it impossible for me to share my feelings about that with someone, doesnt let me go out with friends, she beats me up every once in a while etc. etc. etc. Tonight she bullied me with the death of my mom. she died last week and i feel terrible. so tonight i told her to go ahead and f**k herself. ive never felt better in my entire life

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  • OP, I only judge this because you were such a bitch to put up with it for more than one incident. You are the reason why ppl abuse. BECAUSE YOU ALLOW THEM TO ABUSE YOU, YOU PUSSY.

  • Yes it is the same exact story, he thought he had no one, but he moved out and reconnected with old friends and his family they forgave him for everything that happened because of her and that was a lot of shit- but if you come out and tell them she abused you you will get support. Your mom died, reach out to your family and build the relationships that really matter. Good times? How many do you have? Is 60% of your life spent on arguing and being abused for only 40% of happiness? Why deal with that when you deserve 100%? Only when you get away from her you will realize how wrong everything really was.

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