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I am a girl, studying and having a good life but I am so annoyed with most of my friends complaining about not having a boyfriend and stupid little problems. All of them are still living with their parents and don't even have jobs. Sometimes I don't have the time or money to hang out but they don't understand and start to argue. I tell them I have to work to pay my bills and stuff and they don't want to hear. To be honest they just live their sheltered lives and don't know how life really works.

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  • What you do, is really great and a lot to deal with me. I talk of experience, but don't forget there was once a reason you befriended them, don't make them feel worthless, just because you have it so much harder in life. If you were honest, you would choose the easier way, if there was a choice for you. Hope you keep up the strenght to manage your own life, you'll be thankful for the experience later on :)

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