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i thin i'm in love with a girl... we know eachother just through the internet, but i have really strong feelings for her.. i've wrote her a poem with everything i want to say to her... but i'm too afraid that she would reject me, and that our friendship will fall apart "everytime I see your name, my heart will break. everytime i see your face, my mind will fade. but if you aren’t here I’m feeling just pain. Since you came in to my life, everything I wish for is you, and since I know, you don’t want to see it like me, my hands are shaking, that’s the truth. To have you by my side, is worth any pain, but to know you are gone, just let me suffer in the rain. if i hear your voice, my brain shuts down, if I see your eyes my mind Is blown. to see you happy I would do anything, but to know it will be without me, that’s the thing.. i would never make you suffer, so I’m here with my offer.. . let me take care of you, that’s what I want you to do. i know that’s not your wish for me, but don’t you see? I’m falling for you since we’ve met, but to see you with someone else? that’s what make me feel so sad. i wish i had the guts to tell you this, but I’m a fool when it comes to you. so I tell my feelings to people I don’t know, to know these words are gone… for now. " a bit pathetic in my eyes, but i had to let go of these words

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  • I feel the same way I told my bestfriend that I like him and his only response is "Are you going to the mall?" that's all he told me and don't be afraid of getting rejected and hurt cause that's just part of the obstacles of love.

  • ... the text is sendet, and i'm so fucking nervous for her reaction, but i can't turn my phone on tonight anymore, or i could never find sleep tonight, thank you all for your response ;) love you all

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