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i am 18 years old, have a 36 square meter appartment completely furnished, all expenses paid for by my parents who love me with al their heart, i have great friends who like the same things as i do and we always do great trips and whacky stuff. ,y parents gifted me 100.000 euros over the years, another 100.000 in trusts that open up for me when im 25, and if my parents ever come to pass i have enough money to never work a day in my life.i feel suicidal, can not leave my bed half of the days and spent those crying in a pillow. i have no reason to be unhappy and hate myself for being such a spoiled little f**k.

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  • You have no goals in life, of course you are going to be unhappy. Find something worth working for. I don't care whether it is learning to paint, volunteering at a shelter, getting in shape or creating something awesome. Just find something that is worth your time and then work hard for it. Earn that happiness.

  • I don't see how 200k is "enough to never have to work", but regardless your dilemma is familiar to most everybody with money. Why do you think so many sons of rich men become addicts? Religion and philanthropy are the typical prescriptions for a hollow life, maybe donate your time to a charity and see if that doesn't improve your mood after six weeks

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