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I'm an 18 year old girl and seem to be only able to fall for guys at least a decade older than me and who are out of my league. Its the reason why i've never kissed anyone. No one in my age bracket is attractive to me.

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  • You've given me some sort of encouragement that I will find someone. Not one single person I know has 'condoned' the idea of having a much older partner. Thank you.

  • I'm 20, and I've been going out with my current boyfriend since I was 18, he's 4 years older than me. I went out with one guy who was a year older than me when I was 16...and barely made it to 6 months with him. Guys our age are just so IMMATURE. It's like, all they care about is sex and drinking - and yeah, I get it, I like it too (well, not binge drinking, I've never been drunk), but it's just like, at some point, I'd like to have a decent conversation that doesn't involve you chugging a beer and trying to grab my boobs. My current boyfriend is just that perfect balance, he knows when to be immature and playful, and when to be serious, but he's pretty mature for his age. My sister is 18 too, and she's with a guy about 8 years older for the same reasons. My advice would be to keep looking, maybe you'll find the guy who stands out from the crowd! And when you're older, you'll find plenty of guys in your age bracket (they just take a little more time to mature). Best of luck, and don't stress too much about it!

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