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I don't think anything you learn in school is useless just because your future job doesn't require that knowlegde. In fact no knowlegde is really useless. It doesn't matter if you learn about physics, chemestry, history, religion, philosophycs, literiture or geography. And if you want to learn some usefull skills go to your friends and relatives, look how they do it and show some initiative. School should not hve to teach you simple tasks like cooking.

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  • I completely agree with this. Just the other day, my boyfriend was telling me how cool it was that fat was a white solid at r.t. but as soon as you heat it up a little, it turns into a colourless liquid, and I was like I KNOW WHY (and subsequently launched into an hour-long lecture regarding esters, van der waals forces, etc which my boyfriend ever so nicely paid no attention to whatsoever because he's not the bookish type and hates chemistry... But at least he said he loved me for being so smart afterwards xD). And just the other day as well, I was helping mum put some wallpaper up and we had to wallpaper under this arch in the wall, and she was having trouble measuring the length of the arch, so I simply measured the width, calculated half the circumference of a circle and voila! After all that, basically, the point I'm trying to make is that it's not ESSENTIAL knowledge, but it's amazing knowing this stuff - it just makes the universe a bit less mysterious. And I love knowledge simply for knowledge's sake. As a med student, I don't need to know about quantum mechanics or string theory, and I may have been the only one at the dinner table who got super excited when Higgs Boson was found, but it's just so interesting and exciting. Why be limited by only what you NEED to know?

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