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So my Best Friend Carmil and I were like sisters, she and another girl were the only ones that bothered to come to my birthday party out of 10 people. We met these guys, and now she pays no attention to me, I always smile and see if she will do anything back but she doesn't. I have no idea what I have done to get treated like a piece of sh*t under her shoe. So I asked her and she said "Someone called me your bitch, and I just wanted to be my own individual person" That person who called her that has single handedly ruined my life for the past 3 months. I want to be friends with her again because I now do not have any body. But I have no idea how to approach the situation without messing it up.... Please Help

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  • The situation needs to be resolved between you 2...I'm sure you stating that it was never your intention to "rule" that person so to speak will be respected. True friendship is an agreement between 2 people, not the jealous rambling of someone who is probably completely ignorant of true friendship...real love is sacrificial, so if you have someone willing to lay down their own desires for you, you have someone special. If she wants to move on, even after explaining this to her then that's her choice. It may hurt, but you'll be better for it because you'll know how to treat people in your relationships...never forget that although people may let you down, Jesus loves you & always will. Trust that & it'll give you a love & peace no one can steal from you - I know from personal experience.

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