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I wish society was more accepting towards my body. I am far from being overweight, not even chubby. But the hype of going to the gym in my country (Northern Europe) is crazy. I really like that you cannot see any bones, and that my body's hips are round with a slim waist. But apparently my legs are an issue. I hate how I am being discriminated for sth my genes are responsible for, not me. So I will go jogging after I write this and eat only healthy stuff afterwards, maybe some salad leafs. Yayz. I'm a 24yo woman btw.

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  • In my opinion, it sounds pretty nice :) I would say, you should be proud of your body, you are not overweight, so whats the problem? Jogging is a good cardio training, see it like that :) I personally like on a woman legs you can grab, and use as an pillow, but thats my opinion, and don't let the sociaty say what you have to look like, you have to decide if you like it, so long beauty ;)

  • As a girl like you far from being overweight and everything, just learn to love your curves dont please society they do nothing for yo, work out if you want, eat more healthy but for you not other people, a little muscle on the legs is not bad good luck

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