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I really like this girl, and it's making me depressed considering that i thin of her all the time. I'm not sure what she feels, and I'm just waiting for her to contact in order to not seem needy or something like that. I miss being a cold person, it wasn't nice, but I was less miserable than now. Not thinking what she thinks about ut, if there even exist a "us". I hate this, yet I still like it. Why does it have to be like this?

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  • It doesn't have to be like this. If your not sure how she feels about you back then try contacting her and just asking, it doesn't seem needy at all. Maybe she's waiting for you to contact her because she doesn't want to seem needy so someone has to go first. I know its scary but making contact isn't as stressful as you think, send her a funny picture or song, something to make her smile and she'll reply. I'm sure there is still an us there, you just got to make it happen.

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