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I don't know what to do with my life anymore. im a 16 year old girl, virgin, single and my whole life has been about snowmobile cross. but I broke my shoulder earlier this year and I can't continue with crossing. it's been my whole life, and i now have to stop, what am I supposed to do now when I just lost all i've ever lived for?

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  • You can't do one sport nobody else has even heard of? That's incredibly narrow minded

  • I get what you mean, I was a ballet dancer before I broke my ankle and was told I would never be able to dance again and even jogging would put too much strain on my foot. Tbh you will always miss it, you will always be sad because you cant do the thing your whole life was about . But you have to carry on, I know probably loads of people tell you this but you just have to try to take your mind off it, start something new, you're not too old! :) Me for example have started rowing, a sport where I can get my fitness from and what challenges me and my body. Go for it girl, don't stop on your path ! :)

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