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Once this guy i had a crush on acted in a way making me feel like the ugliest most unattractive girl ever treating me like a sister. I felt so bad that i sent a pic of mine to thechive and seeing that it made it there and dudes drooling all over it made me feel great. So it s not me, it s you buddy ;)

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  • One thing though, guys do that to fool around with girls all the time, its not that we dont find you unattractive, its more like a confidence test to see your reaction: If the girl reacts with confidence it makes me want to jump on her automatically, if the opposite happens I lose a bit of interest, but it can easily be won back with showing confidence later. So yeah...Chive is fine to reboost yourself but next time, do that in front of him ;)

  • Which one was it!? Chive on!

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