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i love my girlfriend and she loves me, yesterday i broke up with her because i want to f**k other girls, i have been in a relationship with her for 2 years, exactly 2 years..

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  • Dont feel bad if you get negative comments. Look at it objectively: 1. If you are attracted to other girls, you can't help that. It's perfectly natural. Attraction can never be controlled. It's not your fault. 2. It's better to do it now rather than drag it out another year (or 10). You don't waste time, and you don't waste her time. Any arguement like "I'm not attracted anymore" "I don't love her anymore" "I'm bored in a relationship" "I'm young and want to try new things" are perfectly natural. Haters, come at me.

  • That's really fucked up and selfish.. yes sure at least you did not cheat but wtf? you might have just lost someone who truly loved you.

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