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If you have Facebook, don't accept your families friend request. It's too late for me but please save yourself. My parents will get funny with me if I don't like their status', they will post stupid little pictures or comment on everything you do. SAVE YOURSELVES!

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  • Honestly I like having my family on my facebook, my mom posts stuff that's embarrassing to me occasionally, I've had pics of me in a diaper, and other embarrassing baby photos uploaded among way more other stuff like status updates and all but I don't really mind, I appreciate it all. In fact I sometimes like, share and even tag my friends and show them some of the stuff...she's my mom and I consider what she's doing as just her way of showing me she loves me...you don't know how many people just wish they even had a mom or dad, brother or sister....so appreciate them, some things can just be shrugged off, family is there to embarrass you, always...so just accept it....the best thing you can do is embarrass the back I guess...because in the end family is the first thing you turn to when you have a problem, not your superficial 2000+ friends on facebook who you're so afraid of destroying your "cool" public image to. (newsflash: trust me most of them don't give a shit about you, they'll like your pictures and witty status updates, but that's the rule..like my shit I like your shit..and usually out of the 2000 friends only 200 or less are actually "your" friends who you know personally, so why give a shit?)

  • Didn't you watch the South Park episode about this lol?

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