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I am a 19 yo girl, I have moderate to sever OCD, I have anger management issues, Mild bipolarity, severe Adult ADHD, early signs of schizophrenia, severe narcissism, severe anxiety disorder, a control freak, psychotherapy was recommended, I was diagnosed with all this, yet, I am beautiful *been told many times not saying this cuz I'm a narcissist*, I have a great family, sort of wealthy, I have amazing friends, a great house, a car, very good education and have no reason to have all those things I was diagnosed with.. some times I feel so fu**ed up that I can't even breathe... but I do know that my lie is relatively perfect... I just wanna say...... don't judge a book by its cover..

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  • You'll either deal with it or end up in prison

  • im not as bad as you, but i have severe anxiety and panic disorder. i am 24 years old, i am a nurse, and i have a great car, and a great family, amazing friends, and not to be conceited, but very pretty and a great body. but i really worry about my mom, im always scared shes going to die. and sometimes i sleep with her to just know all night long shes okay. i cant leave her side. im really stupid and pathetic to be like that. ur totally right though, the ones who u think have it all perfect are the ones who actually are really messed up

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